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Trail Riding Ireland

  • Special Offer: 4 Day Donegal South Trail • Internet offer only!
  • Programme Donegal Trail South 4 Days
  • Equestrian Holidays: Self Led Trail Riding

Opening Dates for 2020 Season:

  • 07 May – 17 October 20 (High Season: 11 July – 22 August)
  • Closed: June 24 – July 02
  • Our arrival days are: Thursday or Saturday (10:00 a.m.)


The Donegal Trail is an unguided trail ride.
You can ride the Donegal Trail only with a minimum of two* riders.

*The unguided Trails are suited to a minimum of 2 persons - but, if you really would like to ride a Trail and you don't have a riding companion we have the possibility to help you find one on our
 Meeting Page on the Internet.


Riding by the Sea
Riding by the Sea
Riding by the Sea
Riding by the Sea


Day 1 - ARRIVE

Receive saddlebags, maps and have a trial ride along the laneways near Horse Holiday Farm to Trawalud Strand and dunes and return to the farm.

Day 2 - LETTERHILLUE - Bogland and hand-knitted sweaters

Around lunchtime we Set oft from the Horse Holiday Farm. In the morning you have a lot to do to prepare for the adventures ahead of you. Your horse has to be taken care of, fed and groomed. Saddlebags have to be packed properly. Don‘t be afraid —everything you really need on your trail fits into your saddlebags. Many riders who came before you can vouch for that.
We will transport you and your horse from the farm into County Donegal. After about an hour, we drop you at the starting point of the first day of your tail. Follow the yellow arrows and check the route on your map from time to time. Depending an how fast you tide you will arrive at Mrs. Logue‘s after about four to five hours after a lovely trek across bogland and through forests. An excellent dinner awaits you. Mrs. Logue owns a modern farmhouse and you and your horse will be able to enjoy the best facilities and if you talk to Mrs. Logue about Irish sweaters there might be a bit of a fashion show after dinner!

Day 3 - GLENTIES - Secluded mountains, Glen Tavern and an impressive waterfall

You will start the day with an opulent breakfast of cereals, cornflakes, bacon and egg, which gives you the strength for a days riding, long and full of excitement. The trail goes through the Blue Stack Mountains — secluded, majestic, wild and romantic. You will enjoy picturesque views and impressive scenery. The only living souls you meet along the way are the sheep and birds. Enjoy the tranquillity and the wind, which accompanies you on your way.
Care for same adventure? High up in the mountains it needs a bit of courage to follow the signposted trail which crosses boggy terrain. Don‘t worry though, the horses are familiar with the area and will carry you safely across.
Hungry? Thirsty? After a few adventurous hours everybody welcomes a rest. Riding down the mountain you will pass an impressive waterfall and arrive at the welcoming Glen Tavern. Allow the horses to relax for a short while and enjoy a pint of Guinness or a pot of tea yourself. It will do all of you good.


Enjoy a hearty breakfast. The Bonners know exactly what kind of a day you will have and a good breakfast will help you to manage those hours in the saddle. They will be glad to discuss the route with you before you leave and then a long and exciting trail lies ahead of you.
At the beginning you follow an old railway line which is not used anymore, then you ride an the road and finally you reach a mysterious river and forest area heading to the Gweebarra River Estuary, ride along the river to reach the open sea, the beautiful white sands of Gweebarra Bay lie ahead. This tour offers a -wide variety of scenery, new perspectives and exciting views, a wonderful isolated area with such peace you cannot imagine. Did you ever see such a beautiful beach? We are sure you will not be able to resist galloping on the empty sandy beaches. Enjoyment and excitement is the order of the day. Overnight near Clooney.


Today you will have the chance to decide what you like best to do: riding in the mountains, through forests or on the beach. We promise you will encounter the most beautiful beaches on the other side of the peninsula beyond the Gweebarra river, white sand as far as your eyes can see. Haw about a gallop? Overnight again near Clooney.


Say goodbye to the sea? That‘s hard. Maybe you should change your timing slightly and take two or three hours for another ride along the sea or through the lovely mud flats when the tide is out!
Then it‘s back to the Bonners residence which you will reach after riding through picturesque mountains. You have time to stop en route, pause for a moment above Lough Laragh and take a look back to Gweebarra Bay and enjoy the lovely view which is breathtaking — mountains, rivers, bogland and the glittering sea in the distance. You will still remember it when you continue on your quiet trail.


Slept well? Had a nice breakfast? Today it is especially important to be in top form since this is the day with the longest trail of the entire week, but aches and pains are long forgotten anyway and after a full Irish breakfast you are wide awake and ready to prove that you are well able to manage any adventurous trail. Bogland as far as you can see - dark muddy water and green grass. The scenery looks totally different again. Make the most of your last day, which ends at Terry and June Coyle‘s Cloverhill House, again on the beach, at Inver.

Day 8 - Farewell to equine friends

Unfortunately, the week has come to end quickly. Time to remember all the lovely days and different experiences. Before lunch we collect you from Terry‘s and drive you and your horse back to the Horse Holiday Farm. Hopefully, you still have enough time to say goodbye to your equine friend. You will probably shed a tear or two when you watch your horse grazing for the last time. And we are pretty sure that you will quietly tell him that you’ll be back soon…

Riding by the Sea
Riding by the Sea
Riding by the Sea
Riding by the Sea


In order to participate in our Trail riders must be fit and able to trot, canter and gallop at ease, You must also be capable of taking good care of your horse: feed , groom and tack up.
On all programmes children must be over 12 years of age and good riders and also must be capable of spending long hours in the saddle.


2019 Season prices!

The Donegal Trail West (1 week)
Includes 7 nights bed and breakfast, your horse for one week with all equipment and saddlebags. Transportation back to farm.
Price: July 13 – August 24, 2019 € 990.00
May 02 – July 03, 2019 & August 25 – October 17, 2019 € 960.00
ARRIVALS: Thursday and Saturday
Meeting time: 10.00 a.m. arrival at stables Horse Holiday Farm




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